BEVAR Umweltberatung GmbH is located in Velbert, a mid-size town between the cities Duesseldorf, Essen and Wuppertal in Western Germany. Our specialists provide services in the field of environmental protection, immision  and emission control, handling of hazardous substances (REACh, GHS), waste control and management as well as environmental and ebergy management systems.

Our services in detail:

  • Planning and consulting of corporate environmental protection and solutions for occuring ecological issues
  • Licensing: planning, document compilation, coordinating external experts, contacting authorities, continuous support during the licensing process, service and support on fulfilling the additional requirements
  • Operational agents: assumption of duties and responsibilities as agents on imission control, waste management, hazardous materials and water protection
  • Environmental protection: information on the latest developments in environmental legislation and requirements, emission certificates, waste balances, public authority management, consultation on “best available techniques”.
  • Management systems (MS): planning of MS, support during the implementation of energy MS (ISO 50001) and environmental MS (ISO 14001 and/or EMAS), validation (EMAS) and/or certification (ISO 14001) of MS, compilation of MS handbooks

Velbert is situated in a region with a long tradition in metal working („city of locks and fittings”). Our customers are companies employing 5 to 900 people and working in melting and casting, mechanical processing, galvanisation and varnishing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Additionally BEVAR also provides services in universities, research facilities and administrative companies.